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Graphic Communications

a chart for the graphic communications program

Graphic designers are experts in visual communication who use high performance digital technology to design, create, and communicate. Print press operators operate machines that create pages in newspapers, magazines, brochures and many other materials. Print press operators are experts in the equipment and related processes. Training in high school, post-secondary programs and on-the job training are typical pathways to becoming a print press operator.

The modern graphic arts industry is on the cutting edge of innovation in digital imaging, data management, computer technology and telecommunications. Graphic communications is included in the Arts, Audio/Visual Technology and Communications career pathway within the Technology and Engineering Education career cluster.

VALEES schools with graphic communications programs that align with Waubonsee Community College’s Graphic Design Program include:

  • Batavia H.S.
  • Fox Valley Career Center
  • Indian Valley Vocational Center
  • Oswego and Oswego East H.S.
  • West Aurora H.S.

Employment in graphic design is projected to be in the top twenty careers requiring a bachelor’s degree to have the most growth through 2018. Salaries for graphic designers range from $33,000-$56,00 annually. While good jobs are available, printing and related support activities are among the top twenty careers projected to experience the greatest loss in jobs through 2018. Salaries for print press operators range from $23,000-$40,000.

Career Cruising provides additional career information that will be helpful in planning a career pathway. If you have not yet used Career Cruising, it will be helpful to talk with your school counselor for free access to this valuable online career planning tool.

2021 Graphics Student of the Year Competition

Each year regional VALEES Graphics Teachers select students to participate in the Graphics Student of the Year Competition. Follow the links below for the competition project directions and application.

Project and Prompt


Digital Boot Camp schedule click here

Digital Boot Camp intro to exposure handout

Digital Boot Camp intro to camera and exposure handout

Digital Boot Camp composition presentation

Fox Valley Career Center example projects: personal logo design, business card assignmentbusiness card finishingletterhead assignmentnotecard-thank you.

Indian Valley Vocational Center example InDesign projects: draw me a songmenu/pamphletnewsletterstationery package, and the sue project

Oswego High School curriculum resources and example projects

Oswego East High School curriculum resources and example projects

Waubonsee Community College course outlines: GRD 135 Desktop PublishingGRD 160 Computer Illustration and GRD 170 Digital Image

Additional information may be found at:

Design for Business

Early college credit may be earned at Waubonsee Community College if you successfully complete VALEES courses and meet applicable requirements.

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