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Special Populations

Special Populations

Perkins V includes special populations support for students with disabilities, from economically disadvantaged families, preparing for nontraditional careers by gender, single parents including single pregnant women, homeless students, students in the foster care system, students whose parent is a member of the armed forces on active duty, and students with limited English proficiency.

VALEES has gathered resources that will help counselors, educators, administrators, and families support CTE students from special population groups.

Please use the buttons below to find a table of links to resources in your county or use the table below to find resources from your school.

Life After High School: College Accommodations, Apprenticeships, WorkNet, and Other Resources


Slideshow and list of presenters 





Are we missing something?

If you know of resources in your district or community that we missed, please contact us and help us spread the word about these valuable resources.