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Programs of Study

The Perkins V federal definition of a Program of Study is a sequence of coursework that A) incorporates challenging State academic standards; B) addresses both academic and technical knowledge and skills, including employability skills; C) is aligned with the needs of industries in the economy of the State, region, Tribal community, or local area; D) progresses in specificity (beginning with all aspects of an industry or career cluster and leading to more occupation-specific instruction); E) has multiple entry and exit points that incorporate credentialing; and F) culminates in the attainment of a recognized postsecondary credential.

The Program of Study template allows school counselors, teachers and administrators to outline the sequence of courses available to students within their district, how those courses lead to post-secondary education or employment and make clear the additional opportunities including work-based learning, Career and Technical Student Organizations (CTSOs), and career development experiences available to students.

Developing school or career center POS is a requirement of Perkins V funding. More importantly, POS documents provides an opportunity for conversations among all teachers, counselors, and administrators to define what set of learning experiences engage students in meaningful preparation and decision making about career awareness and career planning.

VALEES regional POS template – This is a Google sheet template that can be customized with your school’s logo and colors. Google will force you to make a copy of the template before you can add your school’s information



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