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Program Committees

Program committees and focus groups are established for each of the VALEES career and technical education programs. These committees are comprised of secondary and post-secondary instructors and administrators who meet regularly to:

  • Review and revise CTE curriculum
  • Share instructional practices
  • Articulate secondary courses to post-secondary institutions
  • Plan and implement professional growth opportunities for teachers, counselors and administrators
  • Collaborate with business partners to share ideas and resources toward development of CTE programs
  • Develop and review Career Pathway models that assist students in career planning


Program advisory committees strengthen collaboration between schools and businesses. Valley Education for Employment System and Waubonsee Community College maintain joint advisory committees that focus on:

  • Facilitating communication between schools and the business community
  • Assisting schools in a heightened awareness of issues and developments in private sector CTE businesses
  • Bridging the school’s mission and business operations to develop curricula designed to meet students’ needs
  • Identifying and providing professional development opportunities to strengthen CTE programs
  • Participating in advising on components of Career Pathways leading to preparation and employment in CTE program areas
  • Providing recommendations and support for facility, equipment and supply standards
  • Promoting CTE through public relations and participation in career events to inform students and parents about CTE career opportunities